Developer Manual
Custom Field Types

Custom field types

The connector provides Sitecore with additional field types that enables users to select assets directly from Lytho instead of the Sitecore Media Library.
Use the Sitecore template manager to update your templates to use the new field types.

The custom field types are drop-in replacements for Sitecore standard field types, meaning that they are backwards compatible and you can safely switch to them while there is still existing data present in the field.
You can replace the following standard field types:

All fields can be rendered with the standar Sitecore Field Renderer syntax.

Image (Single asset)

The Image (DAM, Single asset) field allows users to select a single image asset from Lytho.

Image (Multi asset)

The Image (DAM, Multi asset) field allows users to select a multiple image asset from Lytho.
The selection is stored in one field value.

General Link

The General Link (DAM) field allows users to select a single asset of any type from Lytho.
The variant "with search" is only there to replace the default "General Link with search" field and does not provide any additional DAM capabilites.

Last updated on October 28, 2022